A Green Initiative


Carmel Valley remains a rustic, working valley that retains its symbiotic relationship with the land. It offers the best of country living with its casual sprawl of farms, ranches, golf courses and, of course, vineyards. Much of the region is still rugged wilderness, and the hills are alive with wildlife.

We believe it’s everyone’s responsibility to conserve these natural resources. With being a green hotel in Carmel Valley, we’re committed to reducing our overall carbon footprint while promoting sustainable choices and alternatives. We hope our beliefs will resonate with you and prompt you to think green.

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Our Bernardus team members participate in a multitude of Carmel Valley and Monterey County organizations, including boards, events and fundraisers that promote local programs, spread sustainable awareness and foster education.

We support Carmel Valley community relations foremost by supporting the economic vitality of the Salinas Valley and surrounding farmlands. By buying locally, we boost more than just local commerce, as these dollars are then reinvested into our schools, city infrastructure and community programs. Supporting local businesses is a sustainable practice that sets a positive example by reducing fuel consumption and the need for shipped goods.

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